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Decorative Paints
Of all the tools you can employ to redecorate a room, paint is the least expensive, most versatile, easiest to apply, and most expressive. With careful planning -- particularly in your color choices and sheens -- a new coat of paint can produce dramatic results, transforming a dull room into an exciting space that draws you in and makes you want to use it. Paint can make a small room look larger. It can brighten a dark room or set the perfect tone for showing off design features. Paint can even create its own items for display, making accents of elements that otherwise would remain unnoticed.
  • Exterior emulsion , Synthetic Enamel
  • Acrylic washable Distemper
  • Dry distemper, Cement Paints
  • Lime colors, Oxide Colors
  • Lime color concentrate
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Wood Coating
Wood Coatings can be classified as a very specific segment within the paint industry covering domestic and office furniture, exterior and interior wood, parquet/flooring, wood stains, etc. As wood is a natural material and there are different kinds of wood, it is difficult to define the best suitable wood coatings! Coatings used on wooden surfaces provide aesthetic aspects and surface protection that ensures the maximum durability of the natural product. Wood and furniture coatings can be exposed to wear and tear (outdoor environments, UV rays, mechanical abrasion, household chemicals attacks...)
  • Sanding sealer
  • Lacquer Clear
  • L.V. Sanding Sealer (Lead & Phthalic Free)
  • L.V. Lacquer Clear (Lead & Phthalic Free)
  • Melamyne Glossy (Formaldehyde Free)
  • Melamyne Matt (Formaldehyde Free)
  • Wood Stains
  • Wood Fillers
  • N.C. Paint
  • Thinners (N.C., P.U. & Melamyne)
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